Tariq Ramadan zu IS und den islamischen Diktatoren

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Der international wohl wichtigste Denker aus der Schweiz, Tariq Ramadan zum „Islamic State“. In dem Al-Jazeera Interview kritisiert er aber auch die Diktaturen in den wichtigsten islamischen Staaten als nicht Islam-gerecht.

The one who is leading should be choosen by the people.
One of the main problems of Islam among muslims is interpretations (of the coran): You have to look at the obverall messages. One can not just take one verse here and an other there out of the context. This what they are doing: They are distorting the whole message. So we have to respond to this by saying … what you are doing, killing innocent people, implementing so-called ‚Sharia‘ or the so-called ‚Islamic State‘, this is against everything that is coming from Islam.“

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