Srebrenica Massacre: The guilt of the West confirmed


„Le sang de la realpolitik“ – „The Blood of Realpolitik“ is the title of a new book of Florence Hartman that reveals many details of the truth we already „knew“: Srebrenica was sacrificed by the West in 1995. The book will be published next week only, but „The Guardian“ has summarized it in its newspaper yesterday in two disturbing articles ** (see footnote below, as well).

The most revolting „news“ is not the fact, that abandoning Srebrenica was part of the western peace plan for Bosnia, but the evidence, that those responsible in the West had to know, that the serbs would commit a bloodbath in Srebrenica.

„The western powers whose negotiations led to Srebrenica’s downfall cannot be said to have known the extent of the massacre that would follow, but the evidence demonstrates they were aware – or should have been – of Mladic’s declared intention to have the Bosniak Muslim population of the entire region “vanish completely”. In the history of eastern Bosnia over the three years that preceded the massacre, that can only have meant one thing.“ (quotation from The Guardian)

It meant massacre. A UN report back in 1993 had predicted what happened later in July 1995 near Srebrenica as The Guardian reports based on Hartmann’s book:

„A report from that same (UN) security council warned specifically of a ‚potential massacre in which there could be 25,000 victims if Serb forces were to enter Srebrenica'“. … „Its fears were justified: Karadžic promised the Bosnian Serb assembly the following July that if his army entered Srebrenica there would be “blood up to the knees”‘.

For me the most shocking news is, that those responsible in the West not only knew what was going to happen, but the americans even watched the massacre almost „live“ without intervening:

„According to declassified US cables details of the killings reached western intelligence and decision makers soon after they began on 13 July; CIA operatives watched almost “live” at a satellite post in Vienna. From that day, spy planes caught what was happening. “Standing men held by armed guard. Later pictures show them lying in the fields, dead,” according to one cable.

A senior state department official insists: “All US partners were immediately informed.” Yet the slaughter was allowed to run its course, no attempt made to deter the killers, or to locate the men and boys, let alone rescue them.“

Next week, the world (some of its exponents and the media) will commemorate the massacre of Srebrenica, which happened exactly 20 years ego. Are we going to see some apologies from those, who have been in charge?

I have a lot of personal feeling about Srebrenica as I have been reporting about it for Swiss National TV in 1995/96. I remember specially well our first visit to Srebrenica in the beginning 1996, the personal accounts of the women mourning her husbands‘ and son’s death and the visit of the bunkers in Tuszla, where the remains of the slaughtered men have been kept waiting to be identified.

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