About Contextlink

Andrea Müller

Welcome to my blog.

Contextlink is my personal blog.

My name is Andrea Müller. I am a political advisor and filmmaker. If you want to know more about my curriculum, please read my LinkedIn profile.

This blog is the place in which I try to structure the thoughts that accumulate in my head in a disordered way due to my constant research, and to reduce them to somewhat understandable articles.

I always like to let myself be inspired by other researching and thinking people, which I usually make transparent, but I also tend to draw my own conclusions. Critics are very welcome.

As you see the main language of this blog is English. But you will easily find that English is not my mother tongue. I use German for the articles dealing with local topics. For both I ask for your understanding and indulgence.

Andrea Müller; Bettingen/Switzerland; November 2019